Tom Procter-Legg & Miranda Millward

Bringing the benefits of museum visits to pupils with SEND

Young people with special educational needs and disability can face huge barriers to accessing cultural experiences through school trips. Miranda Millward and Tom Procter-Legg explain how a programme in Oxford is opening up opportunities

The benefits that museum trips have on pupils with SEND

School trips to London to tour Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or see the Parthenon Marbles at the British Museum are often viewed as little more than a bit of a “jolly”. But research suggests that accessing arts and cultural education actually counts for far more than that.

Participation in structured arts activities has been proven to boost children’s cognitive ability, increase their employability and make them 20 per cent more likely to vote in later life, according to the Cultural Learning Alliance. There even appear to be physical benefits, with people involved in the arts being 38 per ...

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