Andrew Harden

Colleges must step out of the shadows for fair pay

The decline in real wages cannot continue if we are to attract and retain college staff, who could help boost workers’ technical skills, writes Andrew Harden

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Who would put up with a £32,000 pay cut? That’s how much an average college chief executive or principal would have lost since 2009, if they were subject to the same decline in real wages as other college staff.

Even on the generous remuneration our college leaders receive, a pay cut of 23.6 per cent would hurt. Imagine how much more it hurts if £32,000 is what you were being paid to begin with.

On Tuesday, representatives from the Association of Colleges (AoC) will meet with the FE sector’s trade unions for a second time this year to discuss the unions’ pay and conditions claim for 2017-18.


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