Jennie Devine

Why your school is a beacon of hope in the darkness

When her international school in Milan shut its gates, principal Jennie Devine was left wondering how she could lead her staff and students remotely. But the response from her school community and her own reflection on what really matters in education has filled her with optimism: we will all emerge from this as better teachers – and better people, she writes

Coronavirus school closures

Teaching is about preparing students for what lies before them. This is not easy when we know that the world is always changing, when we know that new jobs will exist in the future that we can’t even imagine now and that technology is advancing all the time.

To get ahead of this, teachers, at every level, constantly reinvent themselves and their craft to give students the best possible education and set of skills to navigate this future world. This is difficult but teachers across the world step up to the challenge and deliver every year.

However, the coronavirus situation is so unlike ...

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