Natana Stephen Charles

A day in the life of… Natana Stephen Charles

Working in one of the world’s most tech-poor, war-torn nations, this teacher says simply learning how to use a computer is a step towards ensuring long-term peace

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Every morning, I wake up at 6am and get ready to go to school here in Juba. I’m still training to be a teacher, but every day I volunteer to teach at Gumbo Basic Primary, a local school. Classes start at 8am, and the first lessons of the day are English and science, followed by digital skills.

South Sudan is the world’s newest country and fell into civil war in 2013. Access to computers and smartphones – things most children take for granted – is among the lowest in the world. Conflict, poor education and poverty mean that many kids don’t have the chance even to touch a computer.

I want to ...

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