Steve Eddison

Dreem’s crushed in the race to the chequered flag

With the children speeding away to enjoy their holidays, I’m left with a post-apocalyptic mess in my classroom – but I can’t face throwing away Cody’s beloved racing car

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The prospect of Dreem Masheen being crushed is worrying me. The cars that lost out to it in our Grand Prix have been preserved for all time. Vehicles that were less well designed and constructed now hold pride of place in family homes. Why then has this work of automotive art been abandoned? Why does it remain here, unloved and destined for the scrap yard?

When I say scrap yard, I mean bin bag. It is 3.30pm on the last day of term. The mass exodus of children is almost complete. One straggler waiting to be collected has been warned that he either assists me in purging the classroom of a year’s ...

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