DM Crosby

Drop everything and read: an approach to literacy for next year

Improving standards of reading and writing in primaries gives pupils a solid foundation for the rest of their school days and beyond. But what are the best ways to achieve this? DM Crosby offers three tips that will get results

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My aims for next year are, quite simply, to raise standards in reading across the whole school and to develop a cross-curricular approach to writing and grammar.

Further cuts to teaching budgets make these aims more of a challenge, so I have devised several cost-effective ways to achieve them. Here are the three main approaches that I will be using.

1. Switch to whole-class reading in Years 1-6

The debate between whole-class and guided reading is keenly fought by both sides, as Sinéad Gaffney highlights. In my previous school, moving to whole-class reading was the best decision we ever made ...

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