Mia Hunt

Eight ways to make a good first impression

The new academic year, and a brand new class of students, awaits. Mia Hunt takes a look at what research says you ought to be doing from the very first lesson in order to make the next 11 months a great success

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Matthew blames tiredness. Bianca blames her head of department. Emma blames new shoes. All three teachers made bad first impressions on a new class last September and they all paid for it by having to do restoration work that one of them admits went on into the new year.

Matthew lacked enthusiasm and kept forgetting what he was supposed to be doing (there was a new baby at home keeping him up through the night). Bianca had been told to go in all guns blazing by her line manager and had given four detentions in the first 10 minutes. Emma was in pain. A lot of pain. And her irritation had poured ...

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