Jessica Powell

Fighting the fear

In today’s climate of high-stakes accountability, teachers are scared – about exam results, about inspections...about losing their job. This everyday fear is impacting on their teaching and their health. As the pressure ramps up for exam season, Jessica Powell investigates what is driving this fear – and suggests there is much that schools and individuals can do to bring these debilitating emotions under control

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Yes, I’ve felt fear in this job. Fear of the next learning walk or observation. Fear of anyone walking into your classroom to tell you you’ve done something wrong. Fear the minute you wake up knowing you have too much to do. Fear driving to work knowing that just the smell of the building will set your heart racing. Fear that you will end up in a psychiatric hospital. Fear that you will lose your job, home and family.”

No one talks about fear as much as they used to in education. Not really. The profession talks a lot about workload, a lot about accountability and stress, a lot about pressure ...

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