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Giggling, golden tickets and games: how schools are making teachers happier

In staffrooms across the UK, teachers are tackling fitness, diet and wellbeing in innovative, unusual and fun ways. Here are 14 ideas from schools across the country that you could try in your school – from strawberries to secret buddies

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1. Sport before staff meetings

Staff meetings at Hillcrest Early Years Academy in Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, start in an unconventional way. “We start each staff meeting with a game,” explains Julie McDonald, academy principal. “All my staff are trained fencing coaches, so fencing matches are often played. But they also play football, curling, lacrosse, wheelchair basketball. You can imagine how competitive it gets.” She says this has a big impact. “There are lots of bonuses from this 20 minutes a week. It builds the staff team, it’s lots of fun and it gets rid of tension. Staff also teach ...

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