Kester Brewin

Going to university should be about more than just landing a well-paid job

When students are deciding whether to apply to university or go straight into work, we must encourage them to consider more than just return on investment. After all, there is more to life than an eye-popping salary, argues Kester Brewin

Snakes and ladders

Their eyes lit up. Freya was telling the group of Year 13 students gathered for a last-minute revision session that she’d been offered an apprenticeship at one of the “big four” accountancy firms, and that they had just told her what her salary would be. No university – she would start in September.

“That’s more money than I can ever think about earning,” Molly said, jaw dropping.

It wasn’t, but compared to the babysitting cash or the little bits some students had been paid for shifts at the local cinema and helping out at Saturday drama clubs, it seemed like riches beyond belief.

To ...

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