Christina Quaine

How to avoid being a dictator school leader

Being a dictator-style leader is easier to slip into than you might think – and sometimes, in certain contexts, people may even look to you to adopt that style, finds Christina Quaine. She takes a nuanced look at ‘authoritative’ school leadership

How to avoid being a dictator school leader

Everyone thinks they know what a dictator looks like – after all, there are plenty of examples from history to choose from. But, in reality, spotting a dictator is not as easy as you might think.

Nevertheless, you’ve probably come across one or two dictatorial leaders in your career. Or (whisper it) you may even be one yourself. 

So, what does this type of leader look like? And how do you know if you are one? Psychologists and leadership academics agree that there is a list of characteristics that constitute a dictatorial leader. 

The dictator is charismatic and powerful. But they ...

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