Madeline Bennett

How to educate students about the dangers of gambling


The proliferation of online betting sites, and blurred lines between gaming and gambling, mean more young people are chancing their arm in the hope of earning extra cash – with some risking all for their addiction. Madeline Bennett asks what colleges can do to help

How colleges can help to prevent students from becoming addicted to gambling

Having a good job, travelling the world, owning a home, getting married, becoming a parent. If you ask any 16- to 19-year-old what they’d like to have achieved by the time they’re 30, most would likely respond with something along these lines. Few would expect to be in huge amounts of debt, stealing from friends and family and contemplating suicide.

But for young people who become addicted to gambling, this is a real risk. It was the case for Ryan Pitcher, a gambler from the age of 17.

“I cry myself to sleep sometimes,” he says. “I look back, and I’m ashamed and guilty. I’ve ruined many ...

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