Michael Hobbiss and Jenni Kemp

How to keep pupils’ attention in a Covid classroom


The Covid-restricted classroom has made the already difficult job of getting students’ attention even harder – and that is a big risk to the amount of learning being done in classrooms. But is there a way you can wrestle back learners’ focus despite everything that’s going on? Jennifer Kemp and Michael Hobbiss think there is

How to keep pupils’ attention in a Covid classroom

Teachers are now confined to the front of the classroom, unable to circulate and monitor pupils’ focus or redirect it with a quiet word.

Meanwhile, the windows and doors are wide open to the sights and sounds of the hustle and bustle (and the PE lessons) outside, the lessons are much longer and the various school routines are much more complex for students to remember. 

Clearly, the coronavirus-restricted classroom is a more distracting classroom, and one that makes distraction more difficult to manage. Learning is suddenly a lot harder.

In such circumstances, an appreciation of what ...

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