Ruth Golding

How to pick up where you left off

Returning after secondment can be a tricky transition to manage for a senior leader, but the first step is to recognise that both you and your school will have changed, says Ruth Golding

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It was my first meeting back. The sea of faces looking at me seemed so alien, and I felt that my words were falling on deaf ears. The team I had left was so open, so receptive, so united. The team I had returned to felt different: not as trusting, almost distant and definitely not as enamoured with me as I once felt they were.

There had been a few changes in personnel during the year I had been away, but this wasn’t a critical mass that would have such an impact on the team dynamic. I started to question, “Is it them or is it me?”

I have since found out that the above experience is common to ...

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