Dan Worth

How schools can get pupils to be imaginative


Everyone agrees imagination is important, though you can’t quantify it. So how can schools get their pupils to be better at harnessing this mental power? Dan Worth speaks to the researchers trying to pin down this nebulous concept of the mind

Tes focus on... imagination

Picture a lovely day at the beach: blue skies, a long sandy shore, a faint breeze.

Now place a bright orange elephant on the sand. Then balance a fantastical never-before-seen space creature on top of the elephant – and make it dance.

This task involves mixing memories of things you know (elephants and beaches), with new ideas (that the elephant is orange), and then creating something entirely novel in your mind (an alien). And the reason you can bring it all together is down to the power of imagination.

Imagination is important. Many studies link the development of our ability to use ...

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