Lisa Jarmin

How schools can support transgender children

The number of transgender children in schools is growing and many leaders are struggling to find the right way to support these students. But Lisa Jarmin finds that best practice is much simpler than many imagine

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I was in Year 4 when I first told my teacher that I was a boy in a girl’s body,” recalls Danny Elliott*. “She laughed it off and said I’d feel different when I was older. I repeated my belief to other teachers while I was still at primary school, but none of them took me seriously.”

Danny is now 15 and living as a boy. Things did not get easier for him at secondary school: they got worse.

“When I was 12, I felt I’d rather die than stay as I was, so my mum discussed it with my form tutor and head of year. They reluctantly agreed to refer to me and treat me as a boy, but never explained this to ...

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