Steve Lowe

How to support pupils with long-term health problems

When it comes to supporting young people with long-term health conditions, schools’ well-meaning efforts often fall short, argues Steve Lowe – so follow these steps to give every child what they need to flourish educationally

How to help pupils with medical needs

One of the saddest and most challenging parts of being a school leader is when pupils suffer from a chronic or recurrent illness. It could be headaches, chronic pain, fatigue or mobility issues. It could be a genetic condition such as cystic fibrosis or a disease such as cancer. It could be a mental health problem like anxiety or psychological distress. Whatever it is, the school needs to step up and offer the best support possible.

But, unfortunately, we too often fall short, not through a lack of trying but through a lack of support and understanding.

Although there is legislation to ...

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