Jo Facer

How tidying up my teaching put the joy back in the job


Paring down your teaching into simpler formats not only boosts wellbeing but also improves learning. Using the research and her personal experience, Jo Facer argues the case for a much tidier teaching philosophy

How cleaning brought the joy back to my teaching

Reading Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was, for a messy person like me, a revelation. Here, at last, was a simple guide to tidying up my home and, by proxy, my life: if it does not “spark joy”, Kondo instructs, bin it.

Soon after finishing the book, I set to work. On a single day, I piled up any item of clothing that did not feel joyful enough in that moment, and I gifted the local charity shop four bin bags of used garments.

It felt amazing. I was proud of myself. But it was short-lived: within a few months, I stood in front of a wardrobe that was, once-again, full ...

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