Henry Hepburn

How two schools are tackling child poverty head-on

Henry Hepburn visits two schools that are tackling the attainment gap and changing lives through their doggedness, determination and innovation


It takes only a few minutes in a taxi to find out what the area around Craigroyston Community High School is like – or, at least, how it is perceived. “This is where I was driving when I got pelted with rocks by some seven- or eight-year-olds,” says my monotone driver, like a hangdog tour guide in a Monty Python sketch. Look over to your right, he advises me, and you’ll see where some baby-faced joyriders tore through Pilton’s housing schemes in a stolen Lamborghini.

A bit further along, he says, is where four teens clung to a moped as they raced through the gap on a footpath between two ...

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