Anjum Peerbacos

‘I wish my teacher knew…[fill blank]’

When a boy told Anjum Peerbacos that he wasn’t ‘bright’, the heartbreaking admission showed the importance of fighting the system to support the pupil

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At the start of this year, I decided to try a nice, simple ice-breaker activity with a new class of Year 7s. It was an easy task involving Post-it notes.

I wrote the phrase “I wish my teacher knew…” on the board and asked the students to complete the sentence on their Post-it. The comment could be about anything, I told them: their holiday, their family, anything.

As I read through the notes, there were the predictable declarations of “I wish my teacher knew I play Xbox”; “I wish my teacher knew that I have three brothers”; and “I wish my teacher knew that I’ve watched Kill Bill."

Then there ...

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