Chris Parr

Has lockdown got more parents engaged in school?


The fallout from Covid-19 has put parents at the centre of their children’s education like never before – and technology has been key to enabling it. But has that technology lived up to the promise of drawing parents in, and have we found a long-term solution to securing parental engagement, which every teacher knows is crucial to a child’s success? Chris Parr investigates

How schools can build good relationships with parents

Fiona taps out the words with her thumbs and presses “send”. Three dots appear: Ms Wright is writing. After a couple of seconds, Ms Wright’s message pings into view. Fiona thinks about it. And then she starts thumbing away at a reply. Fiona is Toby’s mum and Ms Wright is Toby’s teacher. This conversation is the most they have said to each other during the nine months in which they have had a mutual interest in Toby’s education.

Which is odd, because the app they are using – a chat function that is part of a home-learning platform – has been in place for the entirety of those nine months. In ...

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