Emma Sheppard

Maternity coaching helps teacher-parents rejoin the race


Focused support can mean schools retain talented teachers who might otherwise quit or change direction after having a baby, Emma Sheppard says. So, follow these tips to ensure staff hit the ground running

How maternity coaching helps returning rejoin the race

We all know that the education system is replete with ambitious, talented and experienced women who fill their classrooms with boundless energy and enthusiasm every day. But despite these same teachers making demands for increased gender equality in their domestic and professional lives, we are still losing many of them to the “motherhood penalty” – potentially 6,000 every year (Simons, 2016).

How many of your staff have gone on maternity leave and not returned? How many have come back but eventually left or changed their ambitions? The answer is too many. We need to do better.

One of ...

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