Kate Bohdanowicz

Miss Chandley and Mr Zacharias by Tyger Drew-Honey

Although the child actor spent a good deal of his school years filming, his teachers ensured he kept his feet on the ground and his studies on track

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When I arrived as a day boy at Epsom College in Surrey, everyone knew I was on TV and that my parents had worked in the porn industry [Tyger’s parents have both had careers in adult entertainment]. I did get bullied initially, but people got used to it quickly and then accepted me for who I was.

I enjoyed school and had two brilliant teachers there. Miss Chandley was my drama teacher. She was such a big personality, so loud and amazingly mental. The first thing she said to our class was: “Hi, I’m Kim Chandley. I’ve been proposed to twice but marriage isn’t for me.” She did so much for us and ...

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