Adeline Iziren

Mr Parry by Carol Vorderman

The former Countdown presenter owes her love of maths to a rigorous teacher who always pushed her to achieve her best

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At Blessed Edward Jones High School, a Catholic comprehensive in Rhyl, north-east Wales, we had a good English teacher, a good history teacher and a brilliant maths teacher – Mr Parry. He was an extraordinary teacher because he was very, very, very clear. He understood maths and he knew how to teach it.

The school had two sets for maths – the top and the bottom. Mr Parry had 36 pupils in the top set and they took O-level maths. The bottom set did CSE.

He taught us maths to O-level standard a year before we took the exam. He always gave us past papers; he was very keen on those past papers. I ...

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