Alice McNeill

The next chapter in the story of creation

More than a decade on from the hugely influential TED Talk that inspired millions of people to envisage schools as incubators of creativity in a rapidly evolving world, many teachers are still struggling to make it happen. Alice McNeill has come up with a plan

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Too often, when we think of creativity, we think of coloured pencils or a mind-boggling array of Post-it notes; we mentally interchange creativity and originality, or creativity and innovation. But creativity should be better defined in education – because I do believe that it’s the missing ingredient. I also think a creative education is the remedy to a great number of problems with our system, but creativity’s proper definition, “the ability or power to create, to make something”, has to be at its heart.

Creativity is about ownership of the process of learning, autonomy in this process, and ...

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