The Secret CEO

No wonder RSCs have so little staying power

The departure of yet another regional schools commissioner should serve as a wake-up call: Sir David Carter needs to hand-pick the very best and offer a handsome salary

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Another day, another regional schools commissioner departs their post. The speed at which Sir David Carter’s praetorian guard are appointed, do a spell in the role and then move on is something to behold. And it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the gamekeeper-turned-poacher manoeuvre is often a well-remunerated one. This time, it’s Vicky Beer off to run a multi-academy trust (MAT) in the North West.

But it can’t all be just about the lure of an extra few quid. The RSC gig is nothing to write home about: ever-changing priorities and targets escalating, de-escalating, and then re-escalating in ...

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