Kai Vacher

Nunchi: the Korean art of listening that makes you a better leader

The ability to be truly responsive to those around you in a school community is an essential quality of a good leader. Kai Vacher found that there’s plenty to heed in the Korean art of listening

Nunchi: the Korean art of listening

Some cultures do listening better than others. For example, do you know about nunchi? The Korean concept is all about the art of listening and thereby understanding others. It has similarities to what we in the West refer to as “emotional intelligence”.

Having “great nunchi” means continually recalibrating your assumptions about how the people around you are feeling, and what their needs might be, based on new information.

In a more refined form, nunchi is now taught to all Korean students as part of the school curriculum.

In the UK, we seem to take listening less seriously. The ...

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