Stephen Petty

Prom price pushes it but belles of the ball dance on

Despite their extortionate cost and capacity to create cynicism, you can’t put the price on first sight of a prom outfit

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I suspect many fathers would quake at the prospect of being the comically diminutive dad-doorman at their Year 11 daughter’s post-exams, post-prom party in early July.

But I am perfectly happy with the idea. I back the post-prom party – and maybe even a post-post-prom party. It may mean a potentially bloody face-off with surly, uninvited young drunks, or wandering into the darker corners of the premises with a fixed, avuncular smile, effectively in role as some form of human contraceptive. But if it means our daughter and her friends dance a few more hours of value out of their witheringly ...

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