Stephen Lane

'Pupils should make amends for bad behaviour'

When pupils vandalised his new car, teacher Stephen Lane learned valuable lessons – about calm leadership and the value of getting children to make amends for their negative behaviour

'Pupils should make amends for bad behaviour'

I had a brand-new car. It was a Rover 25. It was blue and I liked it very much. It was nice to sit in. It was nice to drive.

It was in my second year of teaching, I had just got married and I had a nice brand-new blue car. Life was good.

But then something happened. It was the kind of something that can make the cosmos seem spiky. The kind of something that comes along from time to time to remind you that shiny new blue things have vulnerabilities.

One afternoon, a rumour reached me that someone had vandalised my brand-new blue Rover 25. I went to look. It was horrible. Someone had ...

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