Christian Bokhove

Putting teacher exam judgements under the microscope

The ‘solution’ to the grading of GCSEs and A levels during the pandemic has led to a resurgence of the debate about teacher assessment accuracy. Christian Bokhove considers the evidence

GCSE and A levels 2021: How reliable are teacher-assessed grades?

Suddenly, we are all talking about teacher judgements again. Prompted by the Covid-19 pandemic and the fallout of the GCSE and A-level exams “solution”, we are rehashing the debate about whether the “human condition” means we are full of biases or whether a contextual judgement by a teacher is more valid and reliable than other measures.

Is there any evidence out there about which argument may have more ballast to it than the other? A recent review of studies looking at the accuracy of teacher judgements (Urhahne and Wijnia, 2020) attempts to give an overview of this complicated topic.

T ...

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