Niki Kaiser

The research that shaped me: the limitations of observations


Six years ago, Niki Kaiser was focused on creating lessons that would look great in observations – but then she came across the research of Professor Robert Coe and started to see things in a whole new light

The research that shaped my teaching

One of the reasons I enjoy being a teacher is that I get to witness students’ light-bulb moments. And I had my own pedagogical light-bulb moment in 2013, when I first encountered the work of Professor Robert Coe, then director of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM).

It’s difficult to describe to people who weren’t teaching at that time just how revolutionary his ideas felt. Back then, lesson observations were routinely graded, and to be judged outstanding they had to demonstrate to the observer that progress had been made. Learning had to be visible, assessment needed to be ...

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