Jonathan Simons

Roll out the red carpet for education’s ‘Oscars’

Jonathan Simons, head of education at thinktank Policy Exchange, writes weekly about policy and education

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It’s the end of another frenetic year in Westminster. And in time-honoured fashion (or, actually, for the first time), ’tis the season for the Simons’ (like the Oscars, but better and more coveted).

  • Ex-Education Secretary of the Year: A close contest, this one, with commendations for Michael “I could be leader” Gove (pictured, inset) and Nicky “Trousergate” Morgan. But in the end, it’s a win for Strictly’s newly sleek Ed “Glitter” Balls.
  • Party-on-Party Fight of the Year: NiMo is commended again here, thanks to her anti-grammar growling. But the award goes to Labour’s Angela Rayner and Lucy ...

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