Gemma Corby

Seven steps to surviving your first year as a Sendco

If you are new to the job, keeping your head above water may be proving a challenge. Gemma Corby hopes her experiences in her first 12 months can help you thrive

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Travelling back to London following a restful Easter break, I keenly leafed through my copy of Natalie Packer’s book, The Perfect Senco. I was set to take up the role of special educational needs and disabilities co-ordinator (Sendco) in my school, and by the end of my journey the pages were bursting with a rainbow of Post-It notes and scribbles of good intention. This would be my bible.

Alas, I did not look at those pages again until more than a year later. It’s an excellent and useful book, but the truth is it took until the following summer, after 12 months in my new role, for me to have ...

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