Alistair McConville

The student-led curriculum group gets organised

After being made an offer it couldn’t refuse, one school agreed to its pupils’ calls for a greater say in their learning. Following a bumpy start, a gang of student leaders, the self-styled ‘Dons’, is gathering power, reports Alistair McConville

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What springs to mind when you hear the word “Dons”? A candlelit high table crowded with kindly academics passing the port? Or a gathering of Mafioso types gathered in a back room, discussing the destination of the next horse’s head?

At our school, The Dons was the deliberately ambiguous name chosen for our latest venture in student leadership. The students struck on the name themselves, and were delighted by the way in which it hints both at academic ambition and rigour, yet retains overtones of anti-authoritarian subversion in the cause of “getting things done” a la Corleone…

As one of the ...

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