Adi Bloom

Teacher stress ‘spreads to pupils like a contagion’

Teachers are experiencing an epidemic of work-related stress, but new research reveals that it is not just the adults in schools suffering from this problem. Adi Bloom investigates how anxiety spreads through classrooms, affecting pupils’ wellbeing, results and behaviour

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“It’s about how good an actor you are,” Corinne Lamoureux says. “I’d leave the classroom and cry, but I didn’t show it.”

The Cornwall-based primary teacher pauses. “I’m aware of another teacher – she cried in front of the class on several occasions.”

No one would be surprised to hear that teachers are stressed – or, indeed, that they are more stressed than they have ever been before. Workload, funding pressures and the accountability system have all combined to create a teaching workforce struggling with its mental health.

Previously, this was seen as a problem for teachers, headteachers and ...

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