Kevin Stannard

Teachers should acquaint students with the first environmental activists

It’s time schools acquainted their students with the founders of modern geography – a quintet of remarkable naturalists who became environmental activists long before politicians climbed aboard the climate change bandwagon, argues Kevin Stannard

Why students should know environmental activism

What do the following have in common? A one-armed American Civil War veteran, a Russian prince with a prison record, a German teenager taking a trip around the world on a converted coal freighter and a Prussian polymath who gave his name to currents, cacti and counties? Oh, and a French anarchist and anti-marriage naturist.

Between them, this unlikely quintet changed our view of the way people interact with the natural world. And for all their differences, they shared a commitment to understanding and educating the world that led them beyond ideas to action, often at great personal cost. At ...

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