Diane Halpern & Heather Butler

Teachers understand critical thinking? That’s fake news

Being able to discern fact from fiction is key to society’s future – especially in an age when unchallenged lies can be spread so easily. But despite knowing that critical thinking is important to teach, far too few schools have a real grasp on what it actually entails, argue Diane Halpern and Heather Butler

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Did the Labour government agree to pay a £92 billion Brexit bill? Did you hear about the second terrorist attack at the Royal Oldham Hospital just minutes after the bombing of Manchester Arena in May? What should we do about the rising crime rate in most major US cities? What about the story that was released prior to the last US election – the one that linked Hillary Clinton to sex crimes with children?

We hope you have caught on: all of these stories have gone viral on the internet – and all are fake.

The truth of these tales is much less exciting. Labour said it would pay what was legally ...

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