Chris Parr

Tes focus on... nurture groups in secondary schools


They are well established in primary as an effective way of supporting children who are having difficulty adjusting to school life, but nurture groups can also be successful in supporting older students and boosting attendance among vulnerable groups, finds Chris Parr

Tes focus on...nurture groups in secondary schools

Since their inception half a century ago, nurture groups have become commonplace in UK primaries. These small groups (usually no more than 10-12 pupils) are educated away from their mainstream classes, while still maintaining contact with them. They offer children who require extra support a chance to adjust, in an environment where wellbeing and mental health are given priority.

Although these groups were initially based at primary level when they were first conceived by educational psychologist Marjorie Boxall in the 1970s (see box, below), the approach is increasingly being used in ...

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