Chris Parr

Tes focus on...How schools can address social inequality


While teachers tend to see closing the gap for disadvantaged students as an important part of their role, some of the day-to-day practices within schools may be inadvertently exacerbating societal divisions, finds Chris Parr

How to address social inequality

Schools put a lot of effort into closing the disadvantage gap. Whether that’s through tailored academic interventions, cultural experiences, outreach, extra funding or any number of other initiatives, striving to create a more equitable society through education often makes up a big part of a teacher’s role.

There is a plethora of help at hand, too: from large-scale programmes such as Success for All, developed by Professor Robert Slavin, to huge funding allocations such as the pupil premium, and detailed research from hubs, including the University of Bristol’s Centre for the Study of ...

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