Christina Quaine

Tes focus on…How sleep can help learning

Anyone who has faced a classroom full of yawning pupils will know that being tired affects our ability to take in information – and now research is revealing the role that sleep plays in consolidating memories after learning. Psychologist Dr Anna Weighall tells Christina Quaine why teachers should stress the importance of a good night’s rest

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Are your pupils getting enough sleep? The latest research suggests it is unlikely. Recent NHS data revealed that the number of under-14s being assessed in hospital for sleep disorders had tripled in 10 years.

Some sleep scientists are also convinced that the school day should start later to accommodate the shifting circadian rhythms that make it difficult for teenagers to get up early. And Professor Matthew Walker, a neuroscientist at the University of California, Berkeley, and author of the international bestseller Why We Sleep: the new science of sleep and dreams, has called for government ...

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