Tes Quiz: 29 November 2019

Pit your wits against Tes’ weekly general knowledge quiz

Tes Quiz: 29 November 2019

1. What nationality was Erwin Schrödinger, who published his cat-related thought paradox in 1935?

2. What links the names Fitzgerald, Jefferson, Wilson and Milhous?

3. Laser, Finn and 49er are all categories in which summer Olympic sport?

4. Who had a 1994 hit with the song Cotton Eye Joe?

5. Born on 29 November 1832, which author wrote the novel Little Women?

6. What is the only country that has a land border with Denmark?

7. Who voiced the character of James P “Sulley” Sullivan in the 2001 film Monsters, Inc.?

8. On 27 October 2019, Sophie Wilmès became the first female prime minister ...

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