Lisa Jarmin

Tes talks to… Megan Jayne Crabbe and Joeley Bishop

The stars of the Instagram body-positivity movement tell Lisa Jarmin that schools are often unwittingly reinforcing the negative self-image of young people in their care

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When Megan Jayne Crabbe was aged 14, she was removed from school, quietly and without fuss. Staff didn’t acknowledge that she was missing and pupils’ questions about her absence went unanswered. Her departure was brushed under the carpet so effectively that even her best friend, Joeley Bishop, had no idea where she was.

This is a sequence of events that many who were in the schools system a decade ago would recognise. Crabbe had been taken out of school to treat the eating disorder that had plagued her for years. The secrecy of the departure was relatively normal in these cases. People did ...

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