Mark Brenchley & Ian Cushing

#ToYouFromTes: 10 things every teacher needs to know about grammar

Misunderstandings are rife regarding the ‘correct’ use of grammar, which makes many teachers terrified of getting it wrong. Here, Mark Brenchley and Ian Cushing dispel the myths and set out how you can create meaningful grammar lessons

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Every teacher needs to know about grammar, and every teacher needs to know how to teach it.

To us, that view should not be controversial. However, the debates about how, why and whether to teach grammar have gone on for years. They are often framed through the metaphor of grammar as war. Teachers can be heard talking tactics about how to survive a grammar lesson and about battling with students to understand grammar; meanwhile, others defend and fight for its place.

The battle lines, we believe, have been drawn from misunderstandings about what grammar is and what it should do.

What follows ...

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