Lisa Jarmin

#ToYouFromTes: Nine dos and don’ts for the school Christmas bash

To make sure you survive your staff festive knees-up with your dignity intact, Lisa Jarmin has compiled a handy guide to party etiquette with teachers in mind

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The plastic baby Jesus has been lobbed to the back of the stock room, the last traces of glitter have been swept from your classroom and everyone’s been on the Strepsils since Bonfire Night. This can only mean one thing: it’s time for the staff Christmas party. Finally, a chance to let your hair down.

But beware: the Christmas do can be a minefield. Gathering a group of knackered adults with stressful jobs together is a recipe for making tensions run high.

And when you throw some cheap booze into the mix, the fall-out can be apocalyptic, as Year 1 teacher Rachel Thomas (not her real name) ...

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