Uncovering the truth about allegations against teachers

As a school leader, your role will include dealing with staff blunders – and you’re unlikely to get much training on this

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When I was a younger teacher, I called a 14-year-old girl a prostitute. I didn’t know I had done until the head of year tracked me down, having just come off the phone to her aggrieved mum. “Did you call Jodie a trollop?” he asked. I had: I’d said, “Eh up, trollop, can you collect the books for me please?”

I came from a different part of the country, and “trollop” here seemed to have a very different meaning to the one I was used to; or perhaps my family just used it differently. Regardless, I’d made a mistake. I put my hand up, I called the mum to explain and the next day I caught up with ...

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