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Using light-bulb moments to power GCSE success

‘Threshold concepts’ are the troublesome ideas that once understood can unlock students’ understanding. Niki Kaiser attempts to put this theory into practice in the hope of producing more eureka moments in her science classes

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There is a lot of content in the new GCSE curriculum and in chemistry the problem is particularly acute. I’ve found it challenging finding time to teach everything to the depth that I’d like to teach it. There is so much for students to learn, and I worry they won’t be able to remember it all, let alone apply it, when they come to sit their exams at the end.

So what, as GCSE teachers, should we do? In an ideal world, I would have the time and space to stick with every single idea and concept that I teach until I was fully confident that all students had grasped it fully. That’s just not ...

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