Sarah Simons & George Ryan

Victims of slavery throw off the shackles of their past

For victims of modern slavery, the scars of mental and physical suffering run deep. Rehabilitation and reintegration into society can be a long process, but one college in Barnsley is now helping to support this vulnerable group through a special course. Sarah Simons and George Ryan discover a programme that is giving victims the confidence and resilience to put their lives back together

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Colleges and training providers are no strangers to supporting vulnerable students who have to contend with difficult personal circumstances. But it’s difficult to think of a group of learners more marginalised and oppressed than victims of modern slavery.

This is a barbaric and complex crime, encompassing human trafficking and multiple forms of sexual exploitation, domestic servitude and forced labour. It is as lucrative as it is disturbing, with annual profits across the globe estimated at $36 billion.

In 2015, the Modern Slavery Act was put in place by Theresa May, then home secretary ...

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