George Ryan

‘We don’t want to sink T levels, we want to make them a success’

Days after the Federation of Awarding Bodies commenced legal action that put the introduction of T levels in jeopardy, the trade association applied the brakes. Chief executive Tom Bewick tells George Ryan the reasons for the change of heart – and why he ‘lives and breathes’ FE

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The stage, it appeared, was set for a prolonged courtroom drama. The somewhat unlikely subject was the biggest reform of post-16 education in 70 years; specifically, the introduction of T levels, the government’s proposed flagship technical qualifications that are intended to be equal in status to A levels.

The tale’s protagonist was Tom Bewick, chief executive of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB). On 17 July, the trade association for professional and technical awarding organisations served legal papers on the Department for Education and the Institute for Apprenticeships, highlighting ...

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