Sarah Simons

A wedding with a difference – but students aren’t bothered

The royal family’s brand may have been recently humanised, but students seem only vaguely interested in the subject

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It’s almost time to strap on your fascinator, unscrew your Asti Spumante and frantically wag your Union Jack. The royal wedding is just a week away and I, for one, am thoroughly buzzed.

Having learned my lesson when William and Kate tied the knot, this time I plan to banish my husband and son so I can sit in front of the telly in tearful celebration. Last time, they indulged in an only-hilarious-to-them sarcastic commentary. With sound effects. Owing to that disturbance, I lost concentration and didn’t find out that Pippa Middleton even owned a bum until hours after the event. I can’t take ...

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