Bill Watkin

Why the Applied Generals are worth fighting for

With huge amounts of time and resources being dedicated to T levels, doubts have been raised about the future of AGs. But, argues Bill Watkin, these qualifications inspire tens of thousands and are vital for providing the skills that our economy needs

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As part of its work on the introduction of T levels, the government is looking at the case for Applied General qualifications (AGs). AGs are level 3 qualifications, often taken alongside A levels and usually with university admissions in mind. Last year, more than one in five qualifications taken by 16- to 19-year-olds were AGs – almost 209,000 of them. So this matters. It really matters.

The government’s decision about the future of AGs will have huge implications for what young people can choose to study, the courses sixth forms can offer and the skills that young people will bring to ...

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